Finnessiam Health & Grooming Products

Finnessiam is Dog's of Pride's flagship brand!

As the three original dogs on the Dogs of Pride logo worked together to create these products for you, they collaborated their names too; Fionnaulla (Finn) - the matriarch of the group; Jesse (the middle child) and William, the then youngest member. Together they made Finn-ess-iam - Finnessiam!

10% of sales from the health products (Smart oil, Colloidal Silver, Cream & Balm) go to support animal rescue!

Local Pick Up / Delivery Only Items (Dog/Cat Food & Litter etc)

All of our items are available for pick up at HQ but some items we don't offer shipping on at all, like dog/cat food cans (Rawz) and bags (Horizon), cat litter (Odour Buster), horse feed (Hemp Sense) or bulkier items such as our pet beds.

You can add anything to these items for pick up from any of our other categories in the site.

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY on orders over $80;

  • Handy for our elderly clients or anyone who needs help with heavy bags of food and litter as we will bring them right to your door.
  • This is a handy option for those who like to support local small business and still shop online. Great for doing all your gift shopping too while stocking up for your pets!
  • "Local" covers Wolfville and surrounding area as far as Hantsport, Canning, Kentville and Lumsden Dam areas.
  • Bridgewater deliveries/drop off occur approx every 5 weeks, just email us to find our next day in the area.

"Chocolate for Critters!" (Fundraising for rescues) - Yes, the chocolate is for humans... and Vegan!

Need to boost your order to hit minimum for free shipping or just need a boost?!

These items are suggested as add on items to orders and will not be shipped alone as shipping would be more than the item and therefore no funds would actually be raised!

Who doesn't want candy - hey I said nothing about needing it!

Who does need it though is our favourite all animal rescue in the heart of Cape Breton - Rocking Horse Ranch, where Dogs of Pride sponsors a mini pony and Wendie adopted Zaffar from (a 16 year old chestnut Arabian gelding).

Every little bit helps and 100% of the proceeds goes to the ranch, along with 10% of our Finnessiam Health products.

Please also consider donating or contacting Dale at the ranch directly to sponsor one of the animals.

Thank you in advance for any support.

Made in the UK, Moo Free is Organic, ethically made and suitable for Vegetarians/ Vegans & Lactose Intolerant. No animals have been exploited in the production of our chocolates and none of our ingredients are derived from or contain any animal products. We also work closely with a local charity to provide employment for some amazing people who are autistic - in fact, around 20% of our workforce normally consists of people with autism. For many of these people it is their first job, which is as exciting for them as it is for us. Our chocolates are made in our UK factories in totally dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free environments. We do not handle or use dairy, gluten or soy-containing products so there is no chance of any allergen cross contamination.All our chocolates are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, organic, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. NO GMO!


After hiking the Grouse Grind on a visit to Vancouver, Erin FITZPATRICK (AKA FITZY) had the inspiration to create chocolates that used simple, pure ingredients that tasted great. She set about making unique 70% dark chocolates a reality, with the cacao ethically sourced from Peru, she spent time at the farm teaching the women to make chocolate themselves! Taste testing in her kitchen, she finally perfected the Vegan Organic Salted Caramel centered dark chocolate! Next came the Peppermint, using Peppermint oil for a intense, pure taste.

Tori Kershaw set up operations in Vancouver (OWNER/OPERATOR 2018) to provide people delicious smooth dark chocolate! With her focus on growing the business and involving the community with more flavors! Born in 2018 Coconut and Maple!



Sprays - Finishing / Detangling etc.