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The three dogs in our main logo; Finn, Jesse & William, all worked hard to create our private label; FINNESSIAM!




It all began with our #1  - Colloidal Silver, back in 2010 and has took it's own legs from there. Now our #1 Colloidal Silver is approved as a Veterinary Health Product under Health Canada! NN.R4M8

When we were stopped from importing our Pet Releaf back in September 2018, we knew we were letting so many people down whose pets' were dependent on the cleanest CBD products on the planet and we had to do something, (it was either that or sit rocking in a corner, sucking our thumb).


Employing science and nature, much testing and research helped us create what we now know as "SMART oil". A wonderful synergistic blend of oils, loaded with anti-oxidant properties, one has the highest ORAC value of any substance on the planet! It also contains beta caryophyllene, another cannabinoid, which works with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) by binding to the CB2 receptors.

The results have been nothing short of amazing and have far surpassed our expectations which helps to fulfil our passion to help the animals.


The SMART oil is also combined to create two other topicals; CLEVER cream and BRILLIANT Balm. (the SMART oil will be the next product to go after it's NN number as all the ingredients are on the Approved Substances List.

Many of the services had been offered for years and after some further training and encouragement, "Finnessiam Holistic Health" is now it's own entity.

Specialising, as always, on pets, we now incorporate pet guardians too as we offer Quantum Touch energy work (the animals don't lie and have shown us some great results); Animal Reiki; Auricular Therapy (for people) & Biochemic tissue salts to private and local clients only.

Take control of you and your pets' health in a less invasive approach with the help of Mother nature.

10% of sales support animal rescue


Read our recent article about CBD in Canada, written for Canadian Dogs;

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