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About Dogs of Pride

We believe that all dogs should have the tools necessary to become dogs of pride and that it is up to us to provide you, their guardians, the means to help them.

At Dogs of Pride, we take care that what we provide to you, is safe, beneficial to you and your pets' health and ethically made.


You can rest assured we have asked the questions, read the labels, spoken with the pet cosmetic manufacturers and tested all our products for the dogs out there so you don’t have too. We guarantee all our products because all our suppliers do and that alone should go a long way to putting your mind at ease, so you can make a well informed purchase.


Need help choosing the right product for your pooch? Just ask us as we’re here to help. If you are looking for something particular, please email us at

Who We Are

Dogs of Pride was founded in 2010 after a relocation to Nova Scotia from Alberta and discovering a huge lack of suppliers, distributors and education about pet grooming, safe products and safe practice.

Wendie Patrick I.C.M.G., C.C.M.S. strives to keep informed of the ever changing developments, research and science relating to safe ingredients in pet shampoo etc. and aims to ensure both the groomers' and our pets health.

 Further education is also a passion and Wendie is always eager to share knowledge, skills and experiences to help develop and empower pet parents and professionals alike.

The founding dogs; Fionnaula, Jesse and William helped the collaboration and development of Dogs of Prides' own line, "Finnessiam".

All three are now together at the bridge.

Miss Elizabeth Taylor (AKA Lizzy/Kenzia's National Velvet) is the resident princess, has modeled in many a poodle workshop and seminar, quite the little star!

Dimitri (Vegasdreams White Russian), a Sealyham Terrier, was entrusted to Wendie at the end of his showing and breeding career, he was welcomed in Jan 2020 and brings such joy to the house.

 "The boys" are Buddy Murphy, a senior Morgan/Percheron cross and Zaffar, a Polish Arabian - the best therapy is hanging out with a horse (or two!) Shown below with their favourite natural hoofcare specialist, Gudrun.

Don't forget the kitties! Currently held to ransom by two, Chase is the main man and often found hanging out in the.. oh sorry, his, shop - they say it is beneath them to have their pictures on a website *sigh* (You can often find them on our Facebook page though!) Chase is definitely the Finnessiam poster boy as most of the products get lots of opportunities to be used on him when he gets up to mischief!

me & Wills4_edited.jpg
Wendie & William
Original Dogs of Pride dogs, dog training
Jesse & Finn
Buddy Murphy
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