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Handstripping Part 2

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The second of three parts each showing a different dog with various stages of coat growth. We cover techniques, tools and tips and hope to give you a better insight to a specialty service to keep those particular breeds in "proper" coat when requested by their owners.

Running Time 17min.

Your Presenter;

Wendie Patrick C.C.M.S. moved to Alberta from Northern Ireland in 1997 and in 2006, after 18 years in retail, movie/T.V and her own business in Interior Design, the calling to the dogs was louder than ever.

After studying a one on one intensive grooming course in Scotland, taught by a Master Groomer, she returned to Calgaryand had the honour of working under Jackie Boulton. In 2008, Wendie relocatedto Nova Scotia where she increased her passion and worked toward completing her Master Groomer status in 2011.

Wendie soon discovered the great lack of research, education and business skills development in the grooming industry and constantly strives to follow up, inform and offer groomers the skills and products to succeed in their career and keep everyone involved, safe. To further this, Wendie also offers Quantum Touch energy work and became a Biochemic Practitioner in 2016 and is a Senior Certifier for C.P.P.S. (Canadian Professional Pet Stylists).

Wendie offers further education for existing groomers, through seminars and workshops in business and marketing, salon design, safe practice & handling, sales & adding inventory and website design.

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