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  • Wendie M Patrick I.C.M.G. C.C.M.S.

Valtalkspets : Alternative Therapies Cont’d – An Interview with Wendie Patrick

About Wendie Patrick

Wendie is a Biochemic, a Quantum Practitioner, the host of Quantumly Yours podcast, and is the Founder of Dogs of Pride and the holistic health brand Finnessiam.

From a lifelong passion for animals and more recently a revelation in her own health, Wendie has committed herself to sharing her energy, skills, knowledge and experiences to give everyone, two and four legged, a better and alternative solution to feeling and being better. Wendie offers help with nutrition (people and pets), energy healing through Quantum Touch (people) and Animal Reiki. Real Tissue Salts (functional nutrition) and testing for deficiencies, allergies, Lyme, parasites and more through health kinesiology. Auriculotherapy/Chinese Meridian Therapy is also available and working toward including Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Essences in the future.

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