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Starting a new and natural health journey can be a bit daunting and not everyone knows what all is available and what all we have to offer, whether it be for you or for your pet. We prefer working with animals as they are our primary concern. If you are wanting help for yourself or another human (child or spouse), we may refer you to another practitioner.

Why? Animals are open books and don't understand placebos or psychosomatic approaches, fancy marketing or sales tactics, so we know our approaches work. Trying to convince humans to stick to the plan is exhausting! We are always eager to help our pets but aren't always as open and willing to try new things ourselves, sad but true. 70% of changing ways and starting a new health plan is emotional, so if you are not in the right state of mind or ready and eager to change, we are not the starting point and again, can refer you to a different route.

So... What happens in this initial consult then? Come and have an informal sit down where we can meet you and vice versa and exchange lots of Q and A from both sides to see if this is the right fit for all of us. This has to be a mutual agreement and we only accept clients who are willing to be open to trust, try a different approach and follow a strict protocol.

How long does my $60 get me? The preliminary consult is a timed 20 minutes only.

This may all be new to you but all of the modalities we use have been around for decades and in some cases, centuries!

If you already know and are proficient in muscle testing/ human dowsing, in natural modalities and health, you do not need this preliminary and should continue to book for a "Full Appointment".

The $60 charge for appointment is non-refundable. If you proceed to a full appointment and begin a protocol with us, a $30 credit will be given toward the new/subsequent appointment. There is no pressure to commit to a lengthier protocol if you are deemed suitable or if this is an issue we may be able to help with.

PLEASE NOTE: emails asking questions that are covered in the appointment or on here will NOT be replied to. This is not to seem unkind but rather because we value our time and cannot reply to each and every one. Hence the reason we felt the need to create this in the first place!

As natural, root cause practitioners, we do not diagnose, treat nor cure any disease. We do not accept pregnant clients nor human babies/infants under 7 years old. We always advise that if starting any natural approach that they are discussed first with your regular Doctor or Veterinarian and given their approval.

Once we get notification that your order has been placed, we will contact you via email with available appointment dates. Please, feel free to enter any and all information in the "Order Comments" during checkout of preferred times/days. Please note, we operate on Atlantic Time and book appointments between Tues - Friday 11am-3.30pm wherever possible. Some remote appointments may be available during different times, depending on your local time zone.

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