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Hemastop - Blood Stop stick, no sting/stain!

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HemaStop™ Finally, Something Easier & Better Than Styptic, Stinging, Staining Blood Stop Powder!



Click to watch a HOW TO video on tips and tricks on using the Hemastop!

The only improvement in blood stoppage in the last 50 years! Convenient, clean and not affected by humidity. HemaStopTM is designed for topical superficial bleeding and is excellent for small nicks and nails that were cut close enough to cause bleeding.
The stick is comprised of an astringent/styptic compound that is incorporated into a wax and petrolatum substrate.
The wax seals the nail as well as hold the styptic in place. No more rock-hard clumps
or stained mess during application.
When confronted with a bleeding nail, hold the paw firmly, acting as a tourniquet while
blotting the blood then scrape the HemaStop™ into the cut surface.
One application is usually enough but with very short trims even the best styptic will not be able to contain the bleeding with a single application. For best results, use
HemaStop™ like putty, pressing it into the bleeding wound.

FAQ With Inventor Dr. Robert Greenwald, DVM
Q-I am concerned about cross contamination of any blood left on the stick. Is that not a problem?
A-There’s no concern about cross infection but if you are worried about the aesthetics of any blood that might be on the HemaStop™, just wipe it off with a paper towel. That will remove a layer of the HemaStop™ and return it to its pristine
Q-What if the dog licks his feet after I apply the HemaStop™?
A-HemaStop™ is one of the safest products you have in your shop. Dogs can eat it with absolutely no negative eff ects and it stays together so no worries like a powder that might get in the dogs’ eyes.
Q-Can I bathe the dog after I have applied the HemaStop™?
A-I would not bathe him within minutes of the cut but if you place him in a safe place for 15 minutes and them bathe him, you should be OK.
And if not, just repeat the process of using the HemaStop™.
Q-Can I use it on a nick on the dog’s ear?
A-We all know how dogs can move when you least expect it and if the cut is just a minor nick, then you can use HemaStop™. Being you do not have a hard surface to rub against, just scrape a little off on your own nail, and then pack it into the nick.
Q-What are the ingredients?
A-Soy wax, petrolatum, ferric subsulfate, diatomaceous earth.

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