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Finnessiam's #1 - Colloidal Silver 8oz Spray Now approved as a Veterinary Health Product!​ NN.R4M8

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Introducing our own label, "Finnessiam" coming from an amalgamation of our three dogs, Finn, Jesse and William. This is now being completely made by us so we can guarantee consistency of quality.

Registered and approved under Health Canada as a Veterinary Health Product; NN.R4M8

A mild and gentle colloidal silver spray for use directly on any troubled areas, scratches, bug bites, burns, irritations, skin infections etc etc. Spray around litter boxes to neutralize odour. Spray on grooming equipment to clean. So many uses, you'll come up with more each day!

Storage; Store at room temperature.

As silver can be sensitive to light (it is used to develop negatives in photography, so yeah!), it is recommended to store your bottle out of direct sunlight. In our small 8oz bottles it is more protected through the blue coloured plastic but in our larger 2L and 4L sizes these are shipped in either clear or opaque bottles. It is advised to store these in a dark cupboard or wrap a black plastic bag around them. Why? If exposed to direct sunlight, over a period of time, the silver particles will tarnish (oxidize) and drop out of suspension = ineffective, and we don't want that.

Also, do not store your colloidal silver close to electrical or magnetic influences such as the microwave oven, television, radio, stereo speakers (which have large magnets in them) etc. Over time, strong electro-magnetic fields can seriously weaken or even altogether neutralize the electrical charge on the silver particles, causing them to drop out of suspension and thereby render your colloidal silver solution less potent.

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