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Finnessiam; Book Virtual / In Person Appointments - info and deposit. FOR ANIMALS ONLY.

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Please note - we do not offer third party testing, animals must be under your care and living in the same household as you.

Please select from the options provided and read below (or watch the video) before continuing.

Now, let's get started …

…and get your animals some help.

What we'll be doing is connecting with you all and establishing a relationship and protocol based on each individual’s needs. We test everything from nutritional deficiencies, parasites, mold, environmental toxins, heavy metals, hormone imbalances and pinpointing areas in the body where there may be pain or blockages.

We ask that you can commit to a protocol, as once you become a client of ours you become family and we become very invested with you and your animals’ journey to a happier, healthier life.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than starting down a path with a client and they give up, especially when an animal has let us know that they require consistent help and we can no longer do that.

We, therefore, need a strong commitment from you before deciding to go any further. Although we would love to be able to help everyone in one sitting, it is very unusual to be able to do so… if it was, you possibly wouldn’t be here as you have most likely tried that route before! Like I often say, we don't do drive through nor sell band aids.

With our methods, the results we find are incredible and nothing gets us more excited than reading the emails from our clients telling us what's been happening or what they have noticed – just have a look at our testimonial page! It’s very fulfilling and exciting when our animal clients seem to recognise our voice when we do our virtual check ups too.

We do have to ask for deposits based on previous experiences where people have booked appointments and not shown up. Yes, this is our passion and purpose but it is ultimately our business too. It is also therefore non-refundable as we will start our work once you return your completed forms (these are provided after your deposit is received).

Once your deposit has been paid you will get an email with a lot of forms with questions!

We need these filled out fully and completely; nothing should be left out and nothing is irrelevant or trivial. For animals we will need to know as much as you do, so we understand if they are a rescue, you may not have all the information but everything you know we would like to know too… they'll fill in the blanks when we meet them, don't worry!

Once you have all of your completed forms sent back to us you will be able to book your time and day for your initial consult. A choice will be sent to you to select this from our calendar. Our remote consults are conducted over FaceTime or Skype.

If you have requested an appointment for multiple pets, we will need the forms duplicated, triplicated etc. and filled out for each individual and/or animal.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to get started on a great journey to better well being.

Hourly fee; $225.00 + tax

Initial consult is 1 hour PLUS Full Testing per client; $60.00 + tax

More than 2 animals will need extra time allowed also and will be pro-rated accordingly.

Finnessiam Holistic Health, any of it’s associates or practitioners does not make health claims, nor diagnose any illness nor disease and therefore make no promise to cure or prevent any future illness nor disease from developing. Finnessiam Holistic Health’s associates or practitioners help identify issues and provide solutions and always recommend that any natural protocols started or followed are done so under consultation and approval from your own Dr. or Veterinarian.

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