Seminar Schedule - Saturday 27th May 2017

#1; 9am-10am - A Calm Before the Storm: Aromatherapy with Sandy Gyorgi.

Do you realize the power and latitude of using scent within the Pet Industry?  Learn the easiest way to get started integrating aromatherapy correctly throughout your business. How and why you would choose to use oils, sprays, and diffusers. Learn to distinguish different purposes for popular aromatherapy blends. Sandy Gyorgi, founder and owner of Showseason Animal Products will discuss internal calming and external calming and the difference between innovative scent and nostalgic scents. She will show you what that means in marketing and in business. Calm or invigorate your clients while you build your business. Now doesn’t that sound like a relaxing proposition?


#2; 9am-10am - Cat Grooming 101 with Janice Pynn I.C.M.G.

Do you understand the implications of adding cat grooming as a service to your business? In this seminar Janice will discuss the pros and cons of cat grooming and why it isn't for everyone. Janice will be discussing basic handling skills (do's and don'ts) and grooming tools that will help give great results for your clients.  Then it is up to you to make a well informed, educated decision.


#3; 10.15am - 11.45am - B*tchology 101: How to handle complaints with the "Blueberry Girls".

Most of us hear a complaint and either hide from embarrassment or let our inner volcano blow. There is a learning lesson from legitimate complaints, a process that will allow you to handle the complaint with precision, professionalism, and not make you look or feel foolish.  Listen to South Bark’s blueberry girls Lisa Vella and Donna Walker as they guide you through the Cray Cray.


#4; 10.15-11.15 - Chop Chop Groomers! with Koko Tanaka.

We love dogs; that is why we became groomers.  We want to be kind to dogs and take the appropriate amount of time for each dog.  But in order to run our business efficiently, we have a limited amount of time to spend on each dog.    The question then is, if taking a long time on a grooming session is done as a measure of kindness to the dog?  How can we shorten the amount of time spent grooming each dog, and still be sure that we are treating the dog kindly?  Saving a little time here, and a little time there, will amount in more time saved and a more efficient business!

In this seminar Koko will show you the products and tools that she uses for everyday grooming, and how to successfully groom dogs, resulting in shorter grooming sessions.   We will discuss how to bathe, prep the dogs before the grooming, and the proper way to do finishing works that result in a happy dog, happy owner, and happy groomer!


#5; 11.30am - 12.30pm - Pet Assessments with Daryl Conner.

This class will teach you how to evaluate each grooming client with a quick but thorough nose to toes check as you greet them. This gives you, the stylist, a chance to discover what temperament, coat type and potential health issues the animal may have. It also gives you a chance to discuss grooming options with the customer and offer some client education if necessary. 


LITE LUNCH  - 12pm - 1pm (included for full show pass holders).


#6; 1pm - 2.30pm - POODLES! with Meghan Clarke.

 What are the secrets to giving your clients a fabulous Poodle groom?  Join Meghan for an exciting seminar incorporating everything Poodle.  From Poodle basics to finding the right balance in your trims.  Meghan will demonstrate grooming techniques and answer your questions on pet and show trims, coat maintenance and growth.  She will show you her favorite products, tools and tips/tricks of the trade.  If you love poodle grooming you won't want to miss this seminar!


#7; 1.15pm - 2.45pm - Re-inventing Your Business with the "Blueberry Girls".

Have you been open for a while and feel as if you have run out of ways to re-invigorate, re-vitalize, and re-build your business? Can you recognize what should be emphasized or improved and what is working the way it is? Open your mind to ways to incentivize your employee’s, re-fresh your look and feel, re-bundle your spa packages, and re-discover the passion that led you to this Industry to begin with.  Sit and Chat with the South Bark Women to release and reduce the boundaries that confine your growth.


#8; 2.45pm - 4.45pm - What’s going on in Japan? –Asian Pet Trim with Koko Tanaka.

When Koko showed this extreme grooming style to her groomer friends in  the USA 12 years ago, she was told  “this is not correct!”, “it’s ugly!” and  “you like this, Koko...Are you OK?”

12 years later, we are seeing the Japanese (or Asian) pet trim in grooming shops and contest grooming.

Koko will explain the reason why the Japanese pet trim began, how many hair style versions (at least 80) you can create by mixing and matching the body parts and how we can modify these hairstyles to our clients’ desires. She will start with a fun and informative power point to show the variety of designs. Next, the audience will participate in creating their own design according to the information they learn. This will be a little “Do it your way ‘Asian’ designing mini contest“ before the real contest for next day. 


#9; 3.30pm - 4.30pm - Grooming Special Needs Dogs with Daryl Conner.

Styling older or special needs dogs presents special challenges. By making some small alterations to your grooming routine, you can keep these pets safe and comfortable. Taught with visual images via a Power Point show, this class will teach you ways to care for older or disabled pets in a way that will keep them safer and you saner! We will discuss what tools to choose to help you work smarter and share proven methods that work to make difficult pets (and their owners!) easier to deal with. 

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