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Tiki Cat Kitten Baby Thrive 3 pack mousse/shred blend

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Mousse & Shreds Chicken, Duck & Duck Liver Recipe

Available in: 1.9 oz. can - 3 ct. box

Kittens are born carnivores, but they also have very specific nutritional needs. Tiki Cat® Baby™ Mousse & Shreds is designed just for kittens 4+ weeks old, with layers of soft shreds and silky mousse to gently transition them from mommy’s milk to solid foods.

  • Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, plus duck
  • With DHA, prebiotics, and added taurine for healthy growth and development
  • Layers of tiny, soft shreds and silky mousse for weaning kittens age 4+ weeks
  • Highly flavorful duck liver to motivate and ease the transition to solid food
  • 100% non-GMO ingredients. No fillers or artificial ingredients
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