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Tick key / tick twister. Set of 3 tick removal keys. Info on proper removal in the main description.

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Those nasty little things get everywhere and you need to know how to get them out safely and as easily as possible.

This is one of the best tools available to help to remove a tick from any of your family members or pets.

What NOT to do!

  • Do NOT smear any substance on the tick when embedded. This has been proven that this will in fact make the tick regurgitate it's stomach contents into its host, therefore risking an increase in infection of many viruses, not just Lyme!
  • Do NOT squeeze the tick between your fingers or with tweezers and try to pull it out that way. Chances are, this will result in a "snap" where the body comes away but the mouth parts are left embedded in the skin.

What to do if you find a tick on you or your pet; (apart from squealing and panicing!)

  • Don't panic! Remain calm so as not to upset your pet, this will help it to keep still while you get rid of the wee beastie.
  • Choose one of the tick removing tools appropriate to the size of the offending tick.
  • Slide the "forked" end as close to the animal's skin as possible securely wedging the tick in between the fork, ensure the body is not being squeezed. The ideal position is with the body part of the tick resting on top of the fork while the mouth parts in the skin are on the other side of the fork.
  • Without pulling, turn the fork in a circular motion a few rotations and GENTLY pull away at from the animal's body at the same time.
  • Once removed, dispose of into a ziplock bag or burn (my fave as you hear them "pop"). Do not try and throw in the garbage as they could simply crawl back out!
  • Spray the area where the tick was with Finnessiam Colloidal Silver or a small dab of Clever Cream to keep the area free from infection.


Q: I heard a "snap" and think some of the tick is still in there, what should I do - will the dog need surgery?

A: Don't worry, you may have broken off the head and the mouth parts are still remaining in the dog. Spray a few times daily with our Finnessiam Colloidal Silver and the area will dry up into a small scab that you can either pick off in a few days or the body will naturally cast it out and off.

Although you cannot see a "bullseye" on your dog - if you have removed a tick from yourself or a person and one occurs (and it doesn't have to be in the same area as the bite was NOR does it have to appear from a tick, any blood borne biting insect can transmit Lyme), please seek immediate medical help.

Our Finnessiam Smart Oil has been reported to reduce pain associated with Lyme disease.

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