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Sealy & Spoo - Shampoo & Seal/Shine/Scent Spray - BEACH BABE- Tropical Melon & Strawberry Scented Volumizing Shampoo

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The 6th release from Finnessiam, Sealy & Spoo is for the sweetest little beach babes!

A lovely sumptuous tropical scented volumising shampoo suitable for all coats and everyday use.

"You're a diva, a darling... and you know it! Relax in the tub with this cocktail of plump, ripe, sweet strawberries and succulent honeydew melon. While you get pampered and coiffed by the humans, dream of far off tropical climes, surrounded by your adoring fans and turning all the "Surfer Dudes" heads!"

Shampoo is available in 16oz and gallon sizing and the Seal, Shine & Scent spray is available in a ready to use fine mist 8oz size.

Shampoo is highly concentrated to reduce waste and works equally as effectively on both hard and soft water. With ingredients similar to those found in the SCENTsitive line, like colloidal silver, these products are highly effective, cost effective AND smell amazing!

The Seal, Shine & Scent spray can be used multiple ways;

  • Leave In Conditioner - use on a damp coat and dry as usual.
  • Finishing spray at the end of the groom to give a great rich shine, close the hair cuticle and control fly aways.
  • As a maintenance spray for help to protect the hair shaft while brushing and combing in between baths and to help manage tangles and help dematt.

All products are free from SLS, MEA, DEA, Phthalates, Parabens, Soaps and Silicones.

Scent also available in a 6oz candle tin or bag of 7 melts.

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