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Pet Food & Litter for Local Pick Up / Delivery Only

All of our items are available for pick up but some items we don't offer shipping on at all, like dog/cat food cans (Rawz/Tiki) and bags (Horizon), cat litter (Odour Buster), horse feed (GMO Free Beet Pulp) or bulkier items such as our pet beds.

These are all available for pick up or home delivery between Windsor and Berwick Nova Scotia!

You can add anything to these items for pick up or local delivery from any of our other categories in the site.

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY on orders over $100 ($8 delivery fee for orders under $100).


Wolfville - Windsor = Week 1 & Week 3 every month.

Wolfville - Berwick = Week 2 & Week 4 every month.

DELIVERY DAY = Friday between 11am - 5pm.

If there is a fifth Friday in the month, there are no deliveries this day.

Complete your order through here, at checkout, it will determine what shipping charge applies to you or not. If you wish to pay cash on delivery or email transfer, please select "Phone Order" at the payment option.

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