Holistic Pet Grooming by Daryl Conner & Mary Oquendo - BOOK

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The Art of Helping Pets Feel as Great as They Look

Originally seen and available at the Eastern Canadian Grooming Show, Daryl delights with her insight - a must read for all groomers and an enlightening way to explore dog behaviour.

"Pepe was banned from many shops due to aggression. What if Pepe was not evil, but simply overwhelmed in a grooming environment? Could environmental and personal attitude changes impact Pepe’s experience? The answer to that is a resounding yes. Over the years, Mary Oquendo and Daryl Conner have been building upon easy changes that have transformed the way they groom. Holistic Pet Grooming is a compilation of those changes that positively impacted interactions with the pets in their care and changed Pepe, and countless other pets, from acting “evil” to being solid grooming citizens."

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