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Grooming Education

We offer one on one hands on training in YOUR facility, with your dogs so you can learn and still earn a living while you do. Simply decide what it is you need help with or what you want to learn, schedule the dogs needed to do these on and we will come and show you how!

You will work alongside at your comfort level with dogs you know in your own environment and possibly have paid for a good portion of our fees while you groom dogs – doing what you love without leaving the shop!

Topics that can be covered include but are certainly not limited to; scissoring techniques, safe handling, poodles, round faces, teddy bear trims, asian styling and hand stripping (personal favourite!) Like we say, you tell us what you want and simply bring us to you.

$400/day plus travel for further education. Payment is required up front to secure dates/times and is non-refundable.

Why not split it between a few of your fellow groomers and have a small group with similar needs for learning! OR, organise a one or two day workshop, demonstration day or seminar?

$250/day plus travel and expenses for workshops/seminars.

PLEASE NOTE - We no longer have the school nor legal authority to teach new groomers. For information on registered schools in your area, please contact the Private Career Colleges.

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