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A dog is already learning a lot from it’s litter mates and proper dog etiquette from it’s mother and siblings before it sees the inside of it’s forever home.
Now it’s your turn!
Don’t know where to start?
That’s why we’re here!
We train you to train your dog and we teach your dog English as a second language, a combination that gets results... plus we make it fun!

During our individual, in (your) home classes, we teach you how to use the clicker properly, not just how to click and treat, but also how to work forward, shaping the desired behaviors effectively. We explain how variable reinforcement works and make it a fun learning experience for all, opening the door to many enjoyable years with your four legged companion.

A dog is never too old to learn and unlike other people, your dog’s life is centered around you and he wants to make you happy. All you need to do is show him what you want.

With our help, we’ll break down the language barriers and start talking the same one. It really is a great feeling seeing the light bulb go on over the dogs head and you know he’s got it! Making the communication simple and consistent makes the once thought of chore a fun and pleasurable experience.


As soon as we walk in your front door, we’re training! As opposed to group lessons, which do have their place, your training is just for you, your family and your dog. This also helps us to identify any other areas that need work while we’re there.

Private obedience lessons/puppy classes are split into six lessons. Two lessons are conducted within the same week and then one per week thereafter for a total of six. We ask for payment in full at the first meeting and this way it helps ensure you keep your commitments and scheduled appointments as consistency is the key to results! Pricing for six classes = $450.00 + HST (plus travel depending on location)

We can also be hired by the hour for behaviour modification sessions for dogs who have completed their basic training at the rate of $75.00/hour + HST (plus travel depending on location)

Please call us so we can discuss your needs and make an appointment.
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