Contest Rules




The competition is open to all skill levels.


This is a FUN match! A great opportunity to dip your toes into the competition ring and "give it a go"! Don't worry if you don't get finished! The aim is to have fun, relax and do the best you can - remember if you are stressed, so is your dog and your neighbouring competitors!


ALL DOGS MUST COME PRE-BATHED! THERE ARE NO ON SITE BATHING FACILITIES. THE CLOSEST SELF WASH IS AT THE LOCAL PETVALU STORE LOCATED 10 MINUTES FROM THE HOTEL IN NEW MINAS. Showing up with a filthy dog and expecting to bathe it "wherever" or in your hotel room will be considered discourteous and will most likely incur an extra fee from your hotel!


YOU MUST ALSO BRING A COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE WITH YOU TO BE ALLOWED ENTRY ON THE DAY. The show nor venue accepts any liability for injury to yours or other contestants or their dogs.


ONLY dogs registered to compete on the Sunday competition are permitted in the halls.


ASIAN/FREESTYLE CONTEST RULES: Contestants are asked to be courteous of all other contestants and judges at all times. No chatting within the contest ring and no advice or help from outside the ring! Failure to comply with this will result in your dismissal from the contest.


TIME TO GROOM: 15" and under, 1hour 30 minutes; Over 15", 2 hours.

Dogs in the 2 hour category will start first so all finish at the same time.

Time will be called in half hour increments until the last half hour at which point all contestants will be given a "final fifteen" notification.

A bathroom break of 10 minutes will be allowed to all those in the 2 hour category if required - this is not to be spent getting critiques from each other or friends! If there are no dogs in this category or only a few it will be up to the contestants to vote as to whether to have this or not!

You may not leave the ring, nor leave your dog unattended at any other time during the contest.



All dogs should be clean, dry, and free of mats and tangles.

Nails should be clipped and/or filed,

Ears clean (plucking is NOT mandatory).

Sanitary and pads may be clipped prior to competition (clean feet may also be done prior if preferred on poodles).



You are required to check in, have your table set up and be ready to start on your allotted time a HALF HOUR before all size categories begin. There will be ample time to set up before the contest starts at 1.30pm.

Contestants must bring their proof of payment, insurance and a signed copy of these rules before setting up their station and getting their assigned number.

Contestants MUST provide their own tables, grooming arms, dog and any other tools and equipment they need to perform their groom. Power for clippers will be available.

You are also responsible for cleaning up around your area upon completion and dispose of hair etc in the designated areas. NOTE! A $25 (refundable**) fee will be added to your entry fee for competition.

Check in will close promptly at 15 minutes before competition start time - NO exceptions!

**Please keep it in mind that this venue caters weddings, social functions etc. Other guests and their children should not be expected to deal with your dogs' waste! A clean up fee deposit will be taken upon registration and any mess found by the staff during clean up will result in EVERYONE's fee going straight to the facility. You are adults - police each other and be responsible - please!

Let's show off the professionalism of our industry - not reinforce some of the public's lack of respect for us!




All dogs must be of an age appropriate for competition, be healthy and free from parasites and disease. We ask that you avoid using intact males or unspayed females but if you do, that no female is in heat during the competition. (We realise that can be easier said than done!).                                                                      Dogs must not show obvious signs of pregnancy or nursing, viciousness or aggression.

All dogs MUST be contained, whether in an ex-pen, or more preferably in a crate when not in the contest ring. You are required to provide your own bowls for your dog's food and water.

Please be respectful and take your dog to relieve itself in the appropriate areas (walk a distance, not right outside the back door!) Clean up after your pet, poop bags will be available if needed





Appropriate professional grooming attire and shoes should be

worn at all times. Open toe shoes are not permitted.

Contestants determined to be dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to compete

Contestants must maintain a safe styling station at all times. As an example: Open scissors left on the table for the dog to step on would be considered unsafe styling

Contestants must practice kind and safe handling techniques at all times.

Contestants must apply technical skills with safety

Nicks, cuts and clipper burns are considered unsafe skill application and may result in disqualification depending on the situation.


Decorative objects such as bows and scarves and "bling" are allowed provided only safe water based adhesives are used and aluminium free glitter products.

Coloring, other than to enhance the natural coat color of the dog is NOT allowed.

Hair extensions and/or feathers are permitted but must be applied within the allotted timeframe for your size of dog.

Product such as sprays* and styling gels etc.* may be used prior to or during the competition time frame providing they are approved for use on canines (NO HUMAN Products will be allowed to be used on your dog - this will result in disqualification and you will be asked to leave the ring).



• Contestants should remove hair, tools and equipment from grooming table and do a quick clean up or their area.

• A comb should be placed on the table

• Contestants may comb their dogs after scissors down, prior to and after judging.

• Contestants may use finishing sprays to freshen up their dogs after scissors down, prior to and after judging, but reshaping or styling with hair spray is prohibited

• Contestants should stack and present their dog for the judges' inspection.



• The overall uniformity, balance, symmetry and style of the trim.

•The ability of the groomer to create the best possible profile for the dog chosen

according to his/her body type, coat and structure

• For scissored dogs, the plush overall appearance without scissormarks and proper technique

•Clipper lines should be clean and free of irritation.

• The difficulty with regard to the amount of coat removed, whether pattern is created or followed, difficulty of the coat type, texture, quality and quantity and how the stylist achieves their presented finish.

• The difficulty with regard to correcting conformation faults and accentuating profile attributes and adding a personal flair to accentuate the dogs' natural structure and display the groomers' skills.

The Judges selections are final!



Post contest photos will be taken after the judging - options to purchase post contest photos will be available after the show ends.


I (the undersigned) confirm that I have read and fully understand all of the aforementioned rules and by signing this, confirm I will abide to and agree to all stated.




_________________________________(print name)

Please                                     if you need a copy of this sent to you - one will be emailed to every paid entrant.

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