As soon as that new puppy comes home you can start training. Gone are the days that you have to wait until a certain age before you can train a dog – WRONG!

It has been recognised that a dog is at it’s peak for learning from 3-14 weeks of age. The dog has already been learning a lot from it’s litter mates and proper dog etiquette from it’s mother and siblings before it sees the inside of it’s forever home.

Now it’s your turn! Don’t know where to start? That’s why we’re here!

We train you to train your dog and as Dr Ian Dunbar would put it, we teach your dog English as a second language, plus we make it fun!

Getting your dog to obey your commands should never be treated as a chore. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t try and teach your dog a new command, chances are the dog will get too stressed or bored trying to understand what you want and what should be easy will take much longer than it should. Ever seen the dog look over it’s shoulder as it walks away from you in those moods? Your dog’s trying to tell you he doesn’t understand the crazy person that keeps yelling at him!

As a new dog guardian we teach you quick and fun learning methods based on operant conditioning theory. We teach you how to use the clicker properly and not just how to click and treat but how to work forward from not having to depend on that forever. We explain how variable reinforcement works and make it a fun learning experience, opening the door to many fun years with your four legged companions.

Don’t have a new puppy but just rescued an adult dog? Halleluiah, good for you, we love to support rescue agencies and want to reassure you that you will go through exactly the same process as you would had you bought an overpriced puppy from a backyard breeder. A dog is never too old to learn and unlike other people, your dog’s life is centered around you and he wants to make you happy. All you need to do is show him what you want.

With our help, we’ll break down the language barriers and start talking the same one. It really is a great feeling seeing the light bulb go on over the dogs head and you know he’s got it! Making the communication simple and consistent makes the once thought of chore a fun and pleasurable experience.

Again, like our behaviour modification sessions, we come to you for the training lessons. Over years we have found that one on one lessons are so much more effective and better value for money. As soon as we walk in your front door, we’re training! As opposed to group lessons, which do have their place, your training is just for you, your family and your dog. This also helps us in identifying any other areas we can work on while we’re there.

Private obedience lessons/puppy classes are split into six, one hour lessons in your home. Two lessons are conducted within the same week and then one per week thereafter for a total of six. We ask for payment in full at the beginning of your sessions and this way it helps ensure you keep your commitments and scheduled appointments – consistency is the key!

Pricing for six classes = $450.00 + HST

Check out to see what we believe in and to find other trainers using positive reinforcement methods in your area.


Training your dog can seem like a daunting task, but we assure and educate you that it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you’ve put it off so long that you now have an unruly adult dog who tells you what to do!

In cases like this, we offer behaviour modification sessions with you and your dog in your home or environment where the dog is having the issues. Most issues actually stem from the owners reactions to certain situations and all I have to do is show up and point it out! Most situations, however, require a little longer and we set you up with a homework plan to continue with and follow between visits. We’re also available on the phone for reassurance throughout the process.

Behaviour Modification sessions start at $150.00 + HST. Depending on location, travel may be extra. Each session covers approx 2 hours.

Call us to discuss your needs and problems so we can design a session for you and your dog. (902) 298 0999

We are proud to say we are members of APDT. Building better trainers through education. Check out to locate a trainer in your area. We can also provide references upon request.

Unlike some methods which seem highly effective through media, we know what methods actually work and will have fun helping you to re-educate your dog to have more appropriate behaviour.

Over the last 30 years I have handled thousands of dogs in many different environments; kennels, grooming rooms, rescue shelters, daycares, etc. I am always reading other trainers books, attending seminars and searching the internet for alternative or additional methods or ways to develop my own. I don’t follow one specific method or trainer so you can be guaranteed a well rounded professional when I show up to help!

We’ve been published! This new publication by TFH Publications in association with the APDT is available at and contains tips from well respected trainers including yours truly!